The Israel Nature and Parks Authority, together with Yad Hanadiv (the Rothschild Foundation) and local NGOs have recently partnered to establish seven Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), covering 20% of Israel’s territorial water, and ensuring adequate long-term science based management for them. Ecological systems in the Eastern Mediterranean are changing rapidly due to climate change, opening of the Suez Canal, overfishing and accelerated development (due mainly to the recent discovery of large gas reservoirs in the area). Unfortunately, there is too little scientific research in the region and many knowledge gaps exist.


תצלום: חזי בובה

The scientific steering committee primary mission is to prioritize research and data gathering, review submitted proposals and follow up on them. Aside from prominent Israeli scientists who are familiar with the state of local knowledge and data, we work with international experts that contribute new perspectives, ensure objectivity and help in connecting these local efforts to the broader context.

 So far we have published two calls for Research Proposals:

Marine Reserves/MPAs Connectivity in the Israeli Mediterranean Waters

Marine Reserves/MPAs in the Israeli Mediterranean Waters

We will update here on our ongoing activity.